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The weather is starting to warm up and that is all the reason I need to invite friends over to BBQ and hang out on our outdoor patio.  Sure, an ice cold beverage and good conversation with friends can keep us all happy, but throw in Backyard Block Party and you have just upped the entertainment to epic proportions!

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 Backyard Block Party   St. Louis, Missouri   Made in USA

Backyard-Block-Party-LogoBackyard Block Party is an oversized block stacking and tumbling game that is perfect for outdoor parties, BBQ’s, tailgating, camping, and anywhere else you want to take the entertainment up a notch.  It’s like that other game but on steroids.  The more rows you can go, the more unpredictable it can get, but the more fun you’ll have.  Each game is proudly handmade in St. Louis, Missouri and retails for $64.99.

Backyard Block Party comes packaged in a heavy-duty cardboard box that is not only useful for storing the game, but also is the perfect platform for playing the game.  The outside of the box features the Backyard Block Party logo along with Made in the USA printed right on the front.  I like that the box has a perforated handle on each side.  This was a thoughtful design that makes moving and setting the box up very easy.



Inside the box, the game pieces are arranged and stacked snuggly along with cardboard L-bracket supports that keep everything from shifting around.



The game set consists of 51 pine blocks that each measure 2 inches by 3 inches.  The blocks are handmade, sanded, and branded with the Backyard Block Party logo.  These game pieces are HUGE, which makes play so much fun!


The game comes with two cardboard L-bracket supports that can be used to make the box a steady game playing surface.



Also included in the game set is a base piece that creates a flat, smooth surface to build on and make those risky bottom blocks easier to pull out.


Backyard Block Party also comes with a set of instructions that lists the objectives of the game, explains the rules, and provides tips and tricks.


The game starts with 17 levels of blocks, which measures  4 and 1/2 feet tall!


Once Backyard Block Party is built, one player at a time takes one block from any level and places it back on top.



Pros can use one hand to remove a block.  These blocks are huge, so most of us needed to use two hands.



For our group, two strategies quickly emerged for removing blocks.  Some of us would find a loose block by gently bumping one to test it.  Others went for the tablecloth trick method, where they would just commit 100% to one block and snatch it out quickly.


Some of us lived a bit dangerously and used karate chops for side blocks and ninja pokes for center blocks!


Game over when the tower falls!  Loser has to stack. 🙂



How did it work?

Backyard Block Party was a HUGE success at our recent BBQ!  It kept the kids and all of us adults entertained for hours.  There is no set amount of required players, so the number of players could fluctuate each game and people could come and go as they please.

The quality of this made in USA game set is top notch.  The box, with the help of the L-bracket supports and base piece, was a very stable platform for playing the game.  Despite all the pulling and tugging, the box never budged, which was great!  The pine block game pieces were all perfectly sized and sanded.  They had a smooth finish on them so there was no friction when sliding them out of the stack.  The blocks felt good in your hands and had a nice weight to them that gave you confidence when pulling from or placing on the stack.

One thing to watch out for is tumbling blocks hitting toes.  It does mention this in the instructions and after having seen the tower topple over, I would say this is advice to pay attention to.  These blocks are solid wood, so a tower of them crashing down around your feet may lead to a few hurt toes.  After the first few tower crashes, we all became good at getting out of the way quickly!

The only suggestion for improvement to the game that came up during our party was to include an additional rigid L-bracket that could be used to help align the blocks when re-stacking.  Our party consisted of a group of Air Force pilots, so of course they were trying to figure out ways to make it as structurally sound as possible.  This is where a crisp 90 degree edge for lining up blocks would have helped.  However, many also went the complete opposite direction and tried to figure out how to make it as challenging as possible, such as starting the game with the entire stack in a twisted corkscrew configuration!

This is such an enjoyable game to set up outside and watch as your guests have fun seeing how tall they can go!  Highly recommended for summertime fun!

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