Review: Dendro Co. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Hairpin Legs

My husband and I have always lived in small spaces, where having a “proper” size dining table was not an option. For dinner at home, we served our culinary masterpieces on the coffee table, the bar, or on the table outside on our patio.  It has worked just fine for years, but now that we live in a bigger house, I have been begging for a large dining table.  For Christmas, I got my wish!


I love the look of “rustic chic” and vintage furniture, so I am drawn to the reclaimed wood tabletops that are popular now.  I like how the wood has a story and that the furniture is usually constructed from start to finish by one person.  While browsing Etsy, I stumbled upon Dendro Co., which is a small company that uses reclaimed wood and industrial-inspired accents to make their furniture in the USA.  I spotted their Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Hairpin Legs, which had the vintage character and rustic charm that I was looking for in my new dining table. This was the one!



Dendro Co.   Wauconda, Illinois   Made in USA

Dendro Co. is located in Wauconda, Illinois and has the motto “Reclaim.  Reimagine.  Rebuild.”  They have a website and also a storefront on Etsy.  It was through Etsy that I purchased the dining table.  Dendro Co. guarantees their furniture for life and stands out from other similar companies in that they offer free shipping on all of their orders.  This is a huge perk and was one of the main reasons I chose to purchase my dining table from them.  Before making the purchase, I contacted the company to ask a few questions about construction and materials.  The owner, Tara, responded quickly and answered all of my questions.  I liked what I heard, so I placed an order for the 72″ x 36″ size with a clear matte finish.  The dining table retails for $1170, but I was able to take advantage of a 15 % off sale Dendro Co. was running during the holidays.


72″ x 36″ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Hairpin Legs

The dining table was well packaged and arrived on a skid crate via freight carrier.  On the freight carrier’s invoice, the weight of the table is listed as 197 pounds!  Now this may include the skid crate too, but nonetheless, this table has some heft to it and is very sturdy!  The hairpin metal legs were detached from the tabletop and packaged separately along with the hardware required to attach them.  I like that the legs can be removed from the table since this makes transport much easier.  There were four pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the tabletop, so attaching the legs was a piece of cake.  My husband used a drill and the included hardware and had the legs attached in just a few minutes.



The package came with information about the exact wood used to make my dining table.  It was salvaged from a barn and blacksmith shop in Morrison, Illinois.  Both buildings were scheduled to be torn down, and the wood burned.  Local carpenters saved the wood from the burn pile and now it has been reimagined into furniture at Dendro Co.  Along with the information about the wood’s history, several photos of the barn and shop were included. This was a thoughtful, personal touch and I enjoyed learning about my dining tabletop’s past life.


The tabletop is absolutely gorgeous!  The wood has a ton of character as seen in its numerous knots and color variation.  The 72″ x 36″ tabletop is 1 3/4″ thick and is comprised of five wooden planks.


The planks all are perfectly level with one another, so the tabletop is one uniform flat surface.  No wobbling glasses or plates here!



The thickness of the table really gives the piece a substantial look and I like that the grain of the wood can be clearly seen from any side.


The only thing that I am not 100% satisfied with is how some of the holes in the wood were finished.  It looks like pieces of wood were cut to the size of the hole and inserted in so the tabletop maintained a flat surface.  I like that the holes are filled in, but wish the inserted pieces could have matched the wood around it a bit better. Some of the inserted pieces have a grain or color that is very different from the rest of the wood around it.  Also, some of the inserts do not completely cover the hole or are slightly raised, which snags a table mat.



These are minor cosmetic issues that do not affect the structure of the table.  I completely understand that a reclaimed piece of wood is going to have imperfections, but I just wish the pieces used to correct some of these imperfections would have blended in better.



The hairpin legs for the table are made of steel and are the 3 rod type with leveling feet.  The hairpin steel legs are the perfect contrast to the warmth of the rustic wood.  With the legs attached, and leveling feet adjusted, the table is rock solid!  There is absolutely no wobble.




Dendro Co. also included a complimentary set of four personalized wood coasters with my last name’s initial.  This was a pleasant surprise and thoughtful gift!


My experience with Dendro Co.’s customer service and quality of product has been very positive.  I love my new dining table and even have my eye on one of their wine rack tables to use as a buffet in my dining room.  I recommend this company for the value and craftsmanship of their American made goods!




Above, I have also included a couple of shots of the dining table with vintage GF Goodform chairs.

Dendro Co. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Hairpin Legs 72″ x 36″ Clear Matte Finish $1170

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