Review: J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Handbag

Several months ago while cleaning out and reorganizing my closet, I noticed a trend in all of my handbags — they were all made in China.  These were not cheap handbags.  No, these handbags included expensive and luxury brands such as Coach, Frye, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Kooba, and Hobo International.  Several of these bags retailed for over $300.  The leather looked and smelled luxurious, but I could not get over the “Made in China” tag sewn into the lining.  Some of these companies have a history of manufacturing their products in the USA, however, within the last couple decades or so they have moved production overseas.  Now, I have a hard time loving a bag that is not true to its heritage.  It has lost its authenticity.

This was really the eye opener I needed and sparked my desire to make a change in my buying habits.  I became more aware of product origin and began to seek out American made goods.  So, I sold all of my “high end” handbags on Ebay and decided to put my earnings toward a quality bag made in the USA.

While searching for handbags made in the USA, I ran across the J.W. Hulme Company.  I immediately fell in love with their collection of classic designs and decided to purchase the Legacy Handbag in the large size in Saddle Heritage Leather.  It’s been by my side ever since!


J.W. Hulme Co.   St. Paul, Minnesota   Made in USA

The J.W. Hulme Co. was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1905.  Skilled artisans craft accessories and bags out of fine leather that is sourced from tanneries in the USA.  Their products are designed and manufactured to be heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next.  These leather goods are made to last and are guaranteed for life!J.W.-Hulme-Logo

Legacy Handbag

The Legacy Handbag is a saddle bag style that was designed after the company’s classic shell bag.  It has a classic shape and timeless style.  The Legacy Handbag is available in small, medium, and large sizes and in a variety of colors and types of leathers.  I chose the large size in Saddle Heritage Leather, which retails for $490.

The Heritage Leather option is an exclusive leather that you can only find at J.W. Hulme Co.  The cowhide has been double-tanned and hand-buffed to create rich patina and give the leather character.  The finished effect looks slightly distressed.  This type of leather will just get better with use and age!  The Saddle color version of this type of leather is golden tan.

First Impressions

I was so excited when the box, marked with a yellow J.W. Hulme sticker, arrived at my door!



The contents inside were wrapped up nicely in tissue paper and an envelope was placed on top.


The envelope contained a note from the company thanking me for the purchase and a coupon code for complimentary shipping on my next order.  This was thoughtful and shows that the company really appreciates its customers!



My new Legacy Handbag was wrapped in protective plastic and the newest catalog was included, along with a coupon for $50 off my next order.  What a great surprise!  Just what I needed…a temptation to make another purchase.  Twist my arm!


Complimentary embossing is an option for the Legacy Handbag, so I added monogramming to my order.  When placing your order, there is an option to enter your initials and choose between block or classic embossing. Examples of both are shown on their website.  I selected the classic embossing, which is a serif font.  I love that J.W. Hulme offers monogramming on their products.  This personalized my new handbag and made it special. For the Legacy Handbag, the monogram is centered on the spear above the buckle on the front flap.



The front of the bag has a saddle flap entry with a quick-release turn lock under the buckle.  I like the look of the buckle, and absolutely love the convenience of the turn lock.  This makes opening and closing the bag easy and quick.


The interior is fully lined and features a repeating pattern of the  J.W.H. monogram.  The fabric is dark brown and has a nylon feel to it.  It seems very durable, and will resist stains and easily wipe clean.


The bag opens up to one main compartment with a leather key strap attached and a zippered wall pocket on one side.  The other side also has a zippered wall pocket and additional organizer pockets.  There are 3 pen/pencil pockets and 2 larger pockets that will fit my iPhone with room to spare.  I really like the pen pockets since it always seems that I am searching for a pen in the bottom of my purse.  It is very convenient to always have a pen handy and in the same location each time I need it.



Unlike all of the other luxury brand bags I used to rotate through, the Legacy Handbag comes with a bold and proud message displaying country of origin.  It is not ashamed of where it is made, as can be seen by the large Made in USA tag sewn into the front of one of the interior pockets.  No need to hide it behind a zipper or print it in a microscopic font size.  It is loud and proud and I love seeing it!


On the exterior back of the bag, there is also a slip pocket.  This pocket runs the full width of the bag and will surprisingly hold quite a bit of stuff.  I will usually throw items in this back pocket that I need quick access to, such as my car keys, phone, receipts, and notes.  It is a deep pocket and does not gape open, so my items stay securely in place.  Only if the purse was held upside down would things come flying out of this pocket.  I think it is a great feature and appreciate having some type of pocket on the outside of my purse.


Each side of the Legacy Handbag features brass rivets on a spear that mimics the one on the front flap.  There is also a brass D-ring on each side for the shoulder strap to clip to.  One side features an additional brass rivet that securely attaches the key fob strap to the interior of the bag.



The detachable strap can be adjusted from 10 1/2″ to 22″ so you can wear the Legacy Handbag on the shoulder or cross body.  The strap features a brass buckle that makes adjusting the length a breeze, yet holds your adjustment firmly in place.



The paper hang tag attached to one of the side D-rings has the company’s name on one side and brief history on the other.  It is also stamped with the model and color of the bag.



How is it working out?

The J.W. Hulme Legacy handbag is stylish, functional, high quality, and proudly Made in America.  I have been toting this bag around for a few months now and love how the leather has already started to break in and develop additional character.  The leather does scratch easily, but I have noticed that some of the earliest scratches have started to fade.  I like that the leather will continue to patina over time with use and no two bags will ever look the same.



Susan B. Anthony once said that “Every woman should have a purse of her own.”  I have found mine!


J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Handbag Large Saddle Heritage Leather $490



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