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We all know drinking water and staying hydrated is good for us.  One way to ensure you always have water on hand is to invest in a reusable bottle that you can tote with you wherever you are.  I have been trying to limit my use of plastics when it comes to food and drink storage, so I was thrilled when I learned about Liberty Bottleworks.  Reusable, recyclable, cool graphics, quick open/close system, and made in the USA…I’ll drink to that!


Liberty Bottleworks Freedom Collection – Review by

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 32 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2012.  That number is shocking to me!  Disposable plastic water and other drink bottles contribute to this unnecessary waste.  One way to eliminate or cut back on the amount of plastic bottles thrown away each year, is to invest in a reusable bottle. This is especially easy when it comes to water consumption.  Not only is the amount of waste reduced, but there is also a financial benefit!  Filling up a reusable water bottle with tap or filtered water keeps you hydrated throughout the day and also allows you to pocket savings from not purchasing bottled water.

As awareness of plastic waste has increased, the number and types of reusable bottles available for purchase have also gone up.  Reusable bottles can be found in all types of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and glass. One company has pledged to not only make their metal bottles from recycled materials, but also to make them in America.  That company is Liberty Bottleworks.

Liberty Bottleworks   Union Gap, Washington   Made in USA

Liberty-Bottleworks-LogoLiberty Bottleworks was founded by two guys, Tim and Ryan, who were on a mission to make a reusable bottle in the USA.  Their goal was to also make the bottle and the manufacturing process environmentally friendly, while keeping it affordable.  Their dream evolved into Liberty Bottleworks and the products you see right here in this review.

Liberty Bottleworks’ bottles are made from 100% U.S. sourced recycled aluminum from post consumer and industrial scrap.  They have a deep drawn aluminum construction, which results in fewer dents and greater durability.  The bottles are BPA free and have a flexible food grade coating, resulting in a nontoxic and non-leaching bottle.  The bottle can also be recycled by throwing the cap in with your plastics and the bottle in with your aluminum.

The color and artwork used on the bottles is amazing!  Liberty Bottleworks uses high resolution digital printing technology to create the artwork on the bottles.  Cylindrical printers are used so the graphics have texture you can feel.  There are a variety of styles that are sure to suit anyone’s taste including urban and contemporary prints, retro inspired artwork, and kids graphics.  Of course, I was drawn to the the Freedom collection, which features several patriotic and Americana inspired artwork.  I ended up purchasing Bottoms Up Patriot and Silver Hunter.



The Bottoms Up Patriot design is in the 24 ounce size, features the black standard cap, and retails for $19.


The standard Liberty cap comes with the words Liberty stamped on one side and Made in the USA on the other. Along the bottom of the bottle is the Liberty Bottleworks logo and Made in the USA.  The cap also features a winged design that makes getting a grip on it easy and holding it very comfortable.



The Silver Hunter design is in the 32 ounce size, features the sports cap in black, and retails for $20.  I love the vintage airplane nose art design!


The sports cap has a flip top with straw.  I did notice that on the Liberty Bottleworks website, they mention that the sports cap no longer comes with the straw, but can be ordered separately.



One of the most unique features of Liberty Bottleworks bottles are the way they open and close.  The bottles feature a 1/4 turn on/off design.  This means you do not have to twist the cap several times to open or close the bottle.  With a simple 1/4 turn, the Liberty cap comes right off or securely fits back on.  Instead of threads, there are 3 small pegs on the lip of the bottle that allow the lid to snap on.



When securing the lid back to the bottle, twist 1/4 of a turn and feel the click.  The click lets you know the lid is sealed.  The inside of the lids have a grooved track that the pegs slide in and hold the lid securely in place.




The inside of the bottles are white and the coating is BPA free.  The bottles do not contain any epoxy or resin compounds.



The neck of the bottle has a threadless design with three small pegs.  The bottles feature a widemouth, so it is easy to fill them with ice cubes and also clean inside.



Along with the bottles, I also received care instructions and an amusing Drinkin’ With Squatch tutorial.  This shows that the company takes pride in their craftsmanship and also has a great sense of humor.  I like that!



How Did it Work?

Both bottles performed perfectly!  I am accustomed to using twist caps, so I was a bit skeptical about the 1/4 turn system. However, I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only was opening and closing the bottle a quick process, but I never experienced any leaks or spills.  There is a noticeable click when turning the cap on the bottle, so it was easy to tell when it was sealed.  There were a few times I did not get the cap on correctly and fumbled around for a few seconds.  However, after a day of using the bottle with the standard cap, I had the process down to a quick 1/4 turn.  The sport cap was also very easy to use and I like that I did not have to take the cap off to take a drink. This was especially handy when driving.

I think Liberty Bottleworks has nailed their reusable bottle design and function.  I like that the bottle is green all the way from its recycled raw materials, through its manufacturing process, and finally at the end of its life. I highly recommend Liberty Bottleworks made in USA bottles.  Cheers!

Liberty Bottleworks – Bottoms Up Patriot – 24 ounce – Black Standard Cap – $19

Liberty Bottleworks – Silver Hunter – 32 ounce – Black Sports Cap – $20

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