Roundup: Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are a great alternative to traditional neck collars when walking your dog.  A harness will help evenly distribute leash pressure around your dog’s body, so there is no risk of hurting your dog’s neck.  When a dog pulls with a collar there is a higher risk  for damage to the trachea or skin irritation.  Harnesses do not choke your dog and they can help in controlling your dog’s instinct to pull against pressure, or opposition reflex. Harnesses will allow the leash to put pressure around the dog’s body instead of primarily at the front.  Instead of pushing out ahead of you, the dog will back away from the pressure and turn toward you.  Harnesses can be an excellent positive management training tool for your dog and may make your walks much more enjoyable.

Dog harnesses are available in a range of sizes to fit all dogs and also come in a variety of styles and colors.  Here is a roundup of 9 dog harnesses, all Made in the USA, that are sure to make you and Fido happy on your walking adventures together!



1. Wonderdog Nantucket;  2. Dolan’s Dog Doodads Wonder Walker Body Halter;  3. Walk Your Dog With Love The Original Harness;  4. Up Country Dog Harness;  5. The Good Dog Company Hemp Basic Harness;  6. Be Bop USA Front Lead Harness;  7. Lupine Step-In Harness;  8. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness;  9. WaLk-e-Woo Dog Harness


1.  Wonderdog Nantucket – Dragonfly Blue – $44

Wonderdog-LogoEstablished in 2005, Wonderdog got its start in NYC almost by accident by creating a signature line of bedding that caught the attention of Elle Decor. The collection has since expanded to include Collars, Harnesses and Leads. All Wonderdog products are produced in their own facility to ensure a consistently high level of quality. Wonderdog’s commitment to environmentally friendly products is paramount. Collars, Harnesses and Leads are comprised of 100% Recycled Polyethylene Webbing thus ensuring continuous recycle-ability.  Wonderdog is not just another canine accessory company; they are daring dog enthusiasts who happen to create some of the best canine accessories to walk in, lounge on or simply look great in.  Your dog will dig Wonderdog!


The Wonderdog Nantucket Harness is a traditional style harness that is completely adjustable, highly resilient and super stylish.  It is comprised of 3/4 inch webbing with four points of adjustment to ensure maximum comfort.  The hardware consist of nickel-plated D rings and PVC contoured sport buckles.  The Nantucket is available in small (10-15 lbs /10-15″ girth) and medium (15-35 lbs / 15-23″ girth) sizes and retails for $44.  Two striped colors are available in Dragonfly Blue and June Bug Pink.


2.  Dolan’s Dog Doodads Wonder Walker Body Halter – Red – $25.99

Dolan's-Dog-Doodads-LogoDolan’s Dog Doodads designs and manufactures pet products and training equipment in Seattle, Washington. Their line-up of products include harnesses, leashes, and car straps.  A variety of sizes and colors are offered.  Their goal is to provide equipment that fits well, is easy to use, and is comfortable for your dog to wear.  Dolan’s Dog Doodads is dedicated to providing products that make walks with your dog enjoyable for both of you.


Dolan’s Dog Doodads Wonder Walker Body Halter places control of your dog around his center of gravity rather than his head or neck.  With minimal pressure, the Wonder Walker Body Halter diminishes common pulling behaviors and helps eliminate jumping and lunging while on leash. Walking your dog becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.  The Wonder Walker is available in seven sizes ranging from Tiny (under 10 lbs / 8-15 iches girth) all the way up to X-Large (over 85 lbs / 30-48 inches girth).  The harness starts at $25.99 for the Tiny size and goes up in increments to $31.99 for the X-Large.  The back strap of the harness is offered in several color options ranging from neutral shades to brights.  For a more in-depth look at Dolan’s Dog Doodads Wonder Walker, please see my product review of this harness!


3.  Walk Your Dog With Love The Original Harness – Deep Purple – $29.95

Walk-Your-Dog-With-Love-LogoFrustrated by a pulling dog and the sorry state of existing dog-walking gear, Dan Merson set his sights on making dog walking easier for everyone. He also made it simpler, safer, smarter, and more fashionable. Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses are handcrafted with care, in Lanesboro Massachusetts, a small town in the heart of the Berkshires. Each harness comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


The Walk Your Dog With Love Original Harness is based on the 10,000-year-old idea “you walk an animal from the front, not from behind.”  The deceptively simple design:  naturally puts the dog in the heel position, and you in the lead; is the easiest harness in the world to put on and take off: no other dog harness can make this claim; increases your after-dark safety with the extreme visibility of 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material; reduces rubbing and chafing that traditional harnesses can cause; is half the weight of traditional harnesses; keeps your dog looking sharp with a large variety of colors and styles; and lastly, no training is required. It just works.  The Original Harness comes in seven sizes based on your dog’s weight, ranging from 6 pounds to 250 pounds.  The harness is available in original (neutral) colors, sportso (high visibility neon colors), and fun & fancy (patterns).  In all sizes, the original colors retail for $29.95, the sportso for $34.80, and fun & fancy for $39.95.


4.  Up Country Dog Harness – Stars and Stripes – $29

Up-Country-LogoWhen Alice Nichols started Up Country in 1984, the only dog collars available were nylon or leather with little or no decoration. Alice designed the first 6 Up Country collars and people thought she was crazy; no one would buy them and they were too expensive and fancy for dogs who roll in the mud. Times have changed and now Up Country brings a sense of style to all aspects of your pets’ life with over 120 collar designs and dozens of lifestyle accessories.  Up Country manufactures ribbon pet collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, toys and many other products in the company’s East Providence factory, all hand made and hand sewn with love.


The Up Country Dog Harness is a safe and comfortable way to walk your dog. The harness is a step-in style that is a breeze to get on and off. The harness goes around the front legs, and a quick-release buckle snaps together at the top of the shoulders. Just put the dog’s front legs through the two holes and snap together at the back.  Three way adjustable for a perfect fit every time!  The harness comes in six sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.  The smaller, narrow sizes retail for $29, and the larger, wider sizes retail for $34.  The harness is available in variety of stylish colors and patterns.  From classic to contemporary or playful to pink, there is a style that will appeal to everyone!


5.  The Good Dog Company Hemp Basic Harness – Red – $29.99

The-Good-Dog-Company-LogoFounded in 2003 and based in Golden, CO, The Good Dog Company designs and manufactures a line of durable, earth-friendly pet products priced for the mainstream consumer. Central to the mission of The Good Dog Company is the belief that the company has a responsibility to promote awareness of sustainable products and practices. Sustainability means that the company meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their needs. In support of this effort The Good Dog Company will continue to:  Manufacture goods using hemp and other natural fibers so that they are sustainable, safe, durable and useful for society. Employ the local workforce and emphasize American craftsmanship and sweatshop free labor. Reduce manufacturing waste through careful consumption and recycling.


The Good Dog Company Hemp Basic Harness has a more comfortable fit than the traditional “H-Style” harnesses. The adjustable shoulder straps are angled to contour around dogs’ necks and shoulders.  They also feature an extra long sternum strap designed to fit a wide range of body types.  The harness is constructed to last with a heavy-duty side release clasp on the adjustable girth strap.  The hemp used to make the harness is 14 ounce industrial hemp.  Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial,anti-microbial, and resistant to mold and mildew so they won’t smell like synthetic harnesses.  Also, hemp fabric won’t cause hot spots or pull on your dog’s hair.  The Hemp Basic Harness is available in four sizes, ranging from small to large.  The smaller, 3/4 inch sizes retail for $29.99 and the larger, 1 inch sizes are $32.99.  The harness comes in four colors:  Black, Green, Blue, and Red.


6.  Be Bop USA Front Lead Harness – Red – $17.98

Be-Bop-USA-LogoQuality, integrity and value are woven into every product made by Be Bop USA. You can rest assure that the company’s customer service and 4 Paw Guarantee© will exceed your expectations and you will love outfitting your dogs in fun Be Bop USA products. All products are designed and made in Oregon. Be Bop USA creates dog harnesses, safety products and specialty training aids for dogs and cats. Be Bop USA also can custom create any product to fit the needs of your pet!  Be Bop USA is a family operated business, since 1988, committed to providing funding, humane education, products and volunteer hours to animal rescues, foster homes and societies. Every purchase will benefit unwanted and abused animals.


Be Bop USA’s Front Lead Harness is made of high quality nylon webbing with all the seams sewn on the outside of the harness to provide comfort and non abrasive friction against a dog’s skin. The contoured side release snaps and nickel plated welded “squares” are for safety, ease of use and comfort. The soft nylon webbing provides guidance by applying gentle pressure behind the front legs to better communicate with the dog. All stress points have double reinforcements.  The Front Lead Harness comes in five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, and is available in a variety of solid colors and patterns.  The harness is also available in 3/8 inch ($17.98), 3/4 inch ($22.40), and 1 inch ($26.99) widths.


7.  Lupine Step-In Harness – Muddy Paws – $15.49

Lupine-LogoSince Lupine’s first colorful collar, founders Scott, Valerie and Dave have insisted on building the highest quality products, covered by a “Even If Chewed” Guarantee. Built in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Lupine’s products draw inspiration from the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you can count on Lupine time and time again. Lupine creates woven nylon designs in three widths– 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″– and manufactures collars, leads and harnesses for all sizes of dogs and cats. A new design debuts almost every month, so there’s always something new!  If a Lupine product ever becomes damaged, even if the dog chews it up, it can be mailed to Lupine for an immediate free replacement. No receipts, no hassles, no kidding!


The Lupine Step-In Harness is a great harness for dogs that like to hike! The minimalistic design of the wraparound style of this harness reduces pressure on the throat and is comfortable for even the longest of walks. The single buckle over the shoulders is easy to put on and take off even the most rambunctious of hikers. The adjustable sternum strap ensures a perfect fit. The lead is attached to both D-rings for even distribution of pressure.  The Step-In Harness comes in three sizes:  Small (10″-13″ and 12″-18″ girth), Medium (15″-21″ and 20″-30″ girth), and Large (19″-28″ and 24″-38″ girth).  The small dog size retails for $15.49, the medium size for $21.99, and the large for $25.99.  The harness is also available in a variety of solid colors and patterns.


8.  2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness – Black – $29.99

2-Hounds-Design-logoAt 2 Hounds Design you will find custom, high-quality, comfortable designer dog collars, velvet leashes, and the Freedom no-pull harnesses, which are manufactured exclusively at the company.  Sassy, elegant, modern – take your pick! Match your pet’s personality or your own with an exceptional selection of unique dog collars available in every style, from Martingale Collars, Side Release Dog Collars, or even Buckle Martingale collars if you want the best of both worlds! Flirty? Sophisticated? Athletic? However you describe your dog, 2 Hounds Design has a custom made dog collar or Freedom Harness for him or her.  2 Hounds Design only uses premium materials to ensure the safety and comfort of your best friend.  All of the collars, leashes and harnesses are proudly made in the U.S.A. with careful attention to the safety, functionality and comfort for your dog, as well as a keen eye for design.


The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness features a patented control loop on the back of the harness, which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling and makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience for both of you.  The harness is made with stainless steel hardware and four adjustment points to ensure that it is more than strong enough to hold any size dog, from 14 lbs all the way up to 250+ lbs. The chest strap is lined with Swiss Velvet, which helps prevent rubbing and chaffing sores behind the legs and the straps are all turned out to prevent sores and raw spots along the seams.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness also features a structural ring on the front of the harness. Connecting to this ring is optional but it does allow you to connect to the front and back of the harness simultaneously. The main connection on the back of the harness tightens gently around the chest to discourage pulling behavior, while the connection on the front of the harness allows you to redirect your dog’s attention back to you for training and treats.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness comes in 1″ and 5/8″ widths and sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large.  The smaller sizes retail for $28.99-29.99, and the larger for $29.99-33.99.  The harness is available in several solid colors, ranging from neutrals to neons.


9.  WaLk-e-Woo Dog Harness – Pink Dot On Brown – $24

Walk-e-Woo-LogoWaLk-e-Woo was started in 2002 by Wendy Jones, a stay-at-home mom and former marketing consultant. Unable to find unique collars at affordable prices for her own dogs, Wendy began sewing the collars by hand and selling them to local boutiques in Denver, Colorado. Today, WaLk-e-Woo is still a family-owned and run business. And, everything is still made in Colorado. WaLk-e-Woo has been fortunate to grow in leaps and bounds, and the company attributes most of our growth to satisfied customer referrals. WaLk-e-Woo products can be found in upscale pet retailers and gift boutiques across the US and around the world.


The WaLk-e-Woo Dog Harness is like your favorite “go-to” pair of jeans or super comfy sports wear.  Your dog will love wearing this harness for every walk, every day!  The harness is made from medical-grade mesh fabric that is breathable and extra padded.  The harness also has 4-way memory stretch for the perfect fit.  The harness comes in five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large. All sizes retail for $24 and the harness is available in five colors.

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